The Architect

Asset Development Specialist. Casual Economist. Fashion Designer. Social Worker. Artist. Dream Chaser.

I first entered the field of Community & Economic Development after a short stint working for a youth arts education organization in sunny Venice, California. I was just a recent grad from Loyola Marymount University, where I studied Economics and Spanish Language and Literature, looking for a career in the financial services industry. I ultimately, on the advice of a mentor-friend at Morgan Stanley, decided to work in community and economic development where I landed my first job as a financial planning counselor with a nonprofit CDFI (community development financial institution) in South Los Angeles. I have since remained at this organization and graduated my position to a director-of-sorts of asset development and financial empowerment.

My current work deals specifically with wealth creation programming and financial education. Overall, I try and bridge gaps between the community and financial institutions, as well as provide opportunities and insight for community organizations and financial institutions to work with low-to-moderate income families.

Why call yourself the Architect?

As asset development specialists, program directors, educators, etc. we are all architects in the master plan of community & economic development. Sometimes we must act as building contractor, engineer, and plumber to get the job done, but we do.


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