I created this page mainly because I was looking for an outlet to express my thoughts and ideas concerning topics in and around community & economic development. My work in money management has led me through a plethora of personal finance blogs. As great of resource they serve me I could not but help realize that most (or at least all that I happened upon) were geared toward similar audiences. My work in community and economic development is concentrated on a particular demographic that would not likely seek out savvy money management blogs for information. In fact, my audience probably doesn’t own a computer nor use the internet several times a week. My audience receives information from neighbors, television, radio, social workers and perhaps aggressive community outreach by people like me. So, why have a blog? As you may have guessed this blog is geared towards the people (namely the educators, asset development specialists, financial planning counselors, etc.) that work in the community and economic development field – so that they may have a platform, a resource and a perspective into issues concerning financial empowerment, asset building and microfinance.


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